Halloween In Austin: How to Get Your Weird-Spook On

Halloween In Austin

What comes to mind when you think about Halloween in Austin?

  • The one day a year when anyone can dress up as anything and not feel ridiculous? Yes.
  • One of the best times of year to have a drink or seven around the town? Sure.

Both of the above are commonly associated with Halloween in general, but what makes the eerie holiday unique in the wonderful city of Austin is the sheer range of events and activities available. It doesn’t matter if you want to celebrate with your dogs, children, friends, or coworkers—Austin has something for everyone.

Here’s a rundown of some of the coolest—and weirdest—things to do during Halloween.

1. Get Scared Silly at the House of Torment

In 2017, House of Torment was named the third spookiest haunted house in the U.S. by HauntedHouses.com, demonstrating just how terrifying the experience is. If you’re into horrible thrills this could be right up your alley.

2. Attend One of a Bajillion Halloween Parties Downtown

There’s a little something for everyone during Halloween in Austin. If you’re into costume parties, Eventbrite is filled to overflowing with festive events. Everything from fitness centers and ballrooms to bars and movie theaters will be throwing Halloween bashes. All you have to do is take your pick and show up.

3. Check Out the Last Straw Fest

If you’re searching for a family-friendly event, Last Straw Fest on Sunday, October 29 could be just what you’re looking for. The Fest will feature a variety of fun activities, including pumpkin carving, face painting, live music, and much more. And don’t worry, there are food trucks galore to satisfy your cravings.

4. Catch a Drive-In Movie

From now through October 31, the Blue Starlight drive-in movie theater is showing a wide variety of Halloween cult classics, including The Shining, Halloween, Beetlejuice, and Hocus Pocus, to name a few. It doesn’t get much better than open-air entertainment with tasty snacks and beverages. Just be sure to grab a sweater, light jacket, or cozy blanket before heading out.

5. Try Speed Dating

Seriously, there’s a Halloween-themed speed dating event for those individuals looking for that special someone this year. Come dressed in your very best and you might just win a prize for your scary costume.

6. Travel Down a Haunted Trail

The Haunted Halloween Trails festival is back this year at Pioneer Farms. If you can brave the creepy ¾ mile walk, you’ll enjoy access to the dance hall and a delicious lineup of food trucks. For those less inclined to enjoy spooky nighttime walks, there’s a G-rated trail and PG-rated trail that aren’t quite as intimidating as the more intense PG-13 experience.

7. Take the Kids to the Symphony

On October 29, the Austin Symphony will be performing their annual Halloween Children’s Concert at the AISD Performing Arts Center. Take the entire family and make sure you’re dressed up in costumes to enjoy the spooky experience. The theme music from Jaws and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl are just two of the chilling works of music that will thrill your family.

8. Throw an Office Party with Style

If you’re anything like us, you’re addicted to participating in Halloween festivities. If you can’t get away this weekend, try throwing an office party so ghoulish that your co-workers will still be talking about it next year. Here are a few ways we like to get the show rolling:

  • Come to work dressed up from head to toe and take an over-the-top, posed group photo
  • Stop work early and blackout the windows in the breakroom
  • Stock up on candy, snacks, and drinks (we’re not talking about soda)
  • Watch a classic horror movie, laugh, and have a great time

Hopefully, now you have an idea of what your Halloween celebration is going to look like. Whatever you do and wherever you go, we hope you have a happy, spooky, completely amazing Halloween!