Boosting ROI With Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing ROI Boost

Boosting ROI With Inbound Marketing

It’s no secret that inbound marketing is the latest internet marketing craze, and aside from understanding the basic principals of inbound, you must consider how important it is to quantify its usefulness and profitability for your firm. This is why knowing how and why your inbound marketing is effective is ultra important to boosting your return on investment. Here are 4 inbound marketing best practices to boost ROI:

Check Analytics and Data Often

Whether you’re using Google’s free analytics platform or a premium services such as HubSpot or Kissmetrics, it’s important to check your analytics data and understand it. Analytics can be the most valuable part of any inbound marketing software suite, but if you’re not staying on top of them with daily reporting and – more importantly – taking the time to understand those reports, you may be left in the dark. Always take at least one moment a month to make sure that everything is being tracked correctly and that you’re actually getting the information you need to measure lead generation, sales data, and conversion rates.

Integrate Sales and Marketing

If your company is using SalesForce, ZOHO, or one of the many other CRM software platforms out there, you will want to link your sales and marketing teams together. This is better known in the inbound marketing world as “smarketing”. Making sure these two groups work closely together, have solid relationships, and understand one another is crucial to optimizing your return on investment.  If sales and marketing can’t talk virtually or in real time, you may be in trouble.

Content Analysis

It’s almost too easy for us to sit back and watch leads pour in… or not. Here’s the problem with a lot of inbound marketing-based companies: they stop improving and optimizing their content. You want to invest time each month to assess the success of your past content. Never forget what the focal point of each piece of content: your buyer persona. One of the easiest mistakes to make is to blindly create content without a buyer persona in mind. The buyer should be at the center of your content creation efforts, with your inbound campaigns built around them.

Optimize CTAs, Landing Pages, and Conversion Paths

At the root of any inbound marketing campaign is the path a visitor takes to become a lead for your company. If the avenues for them to get to your content aren’t clear or don’t have enough meat to get their attention, you could lose potential sales leads. One of the biggest yet most overlooked hits to ROI is ambiguity within an inbound marketing conversion paths.

Perhaps you have a great piece of content that isn’t getting the attention and lead generation you had hoped for. Maybe you have a poorly designed or badly located CTA, or your landing page doesn’t make a clear enough statements about what the user will get from downloading your offer. All of these things can contribute to poor conversion rates and fewer sales leads. It is vitally important to stay on top of your firm’s CTAs, landing pages, and conversion paths to maximize your inbound marketing ROI.


Failing to fully utilize the software at your disposal can decrease efficiency and cause your ROI to implode before your eyes.  By staying on top of your analytics, creating original content, and optimizing the user experience, you should see a boost in ROI that will show in your bottom line.  Give it a try, and watch it work!