5 Tips for Keeping Your Company’s Content Fresh

5 Tips for Keeping Your Company's Content Fresh

It’s well known that content rules when it comes to modern SEO strategies. Many website owners have tried their hand at regular content creation only to fail due to the inability to produce consistent, fresh articles or blogs. Coming up with new, engaging content can be difficult if you don’t have a solid blueprint for your writing. The following tips will help you plan a content strategy which allows you to pump out one fresh post after another.

#1 – Be a News Source

News stories are the prime example of fresh content. You can take advantage of the constant influx of news items available by searching for something related to your industry and putting your spin on it. You might even consider subscribing to an RSS service so that new stories related to your topic of interest can be delivered to you on a daily basis. Since news agencies aren’t going away anytime soon, this source can be an endless supply of topic ideas.

#2 – Get a Ringer

Whenever you or your writers are stuck with writers block, it can help to bring in some new blood. Hiring a guest writer can interject a fresh perspective into your archive of articles. Readers can sense the freshness and excitement that a guest writer brings. The unique life experience or specialized knowledge of an outside writer will also ensure new insights are brought to the table.

#3 – Share Industry Events

In any given industry, there are numerous events (i.e. conventions) going on throughout the year where current and future issues and trends are discussed. If you are among the industry leaders (or want to be), it is likely you are sending your people to these events. If so, share what you have learned with your customers. Show them that your care enough about your products or services to be fully engaged in the industry as a whole. Inform them of any innovations that are occurring or interesting market trends.

#4 – Give a Personal Touch

All business executives like to know with whom they do business, and your customers are no different. Use some of your blog posts to highlight a particular employee through an interview or short biography. It is easy to integrate this category of posts into your blog as a weekly or monthly feature. Also, aside from producing fresh content, this technique humanizes your business and allows clients to feel comfortable trusting your brand. If you have a fairly large workforce, you have the potential to produce countless unique posts.

#5 – Breathe New Life Into Your Product

Many products are marketed with a specific purpose in mind. However, there may be other, lesser-known ways your product can be put to use. For example, a certain chocolate candy you make might be used in a variety of baking recipes. A service you offer, such as carpet cleaning, might be extended to motor homes or bass boats. With a little bit of creativity and research, you could create a steady string of fresh content explaining the new applications.

Trust us: even when it might seem that way, you haven’t run out of interesting, viable content to write or share on behalf of your business. As long as your industry is relevant, there are writers eager to write, and the world keeps changing, there will be new content to offer to your readers (and potential customers!).