4 Tips to Turn Your Customers Into Your Biggest Promoters

Learn how to turn your customers into your biggest promoters with our new blog post.

Too many companies focus all of their efforts on improving their sales funnels and neglect to consider what happens after a consumer makes a purchase. The sale is the start, not the end, of your customer relationship. Continued connection building can transform a one-time purchase into a true enthusiast and promoter of your company.

Brand promoters are more inclined to express their good feelings about your business in the form of reviews or even by defending it against criticism (hello online trolls). Your company will appear more reliable and trustworthy as a result of this positive word of mouth.

Here are a few terrific ideas and tips for turning your clients into devoted brand ambassadors.

1. Engage Online

The easiest way to turn your customers into your biggest promoters is to create a strong community online. From promoting reviews and testimonials to sharing customer-tagged images, making your customers feel heard and appreciated is an efficient way to keep them coming back for more. They’ll in return, share your posts to their followers, as well as engage with your digital content by liking and even participating in the comments section.

A quick way to get started with creating long-term customer relationships is to respond to every comment and message your business receives. This is an important part of curating your loyal fan base while still a small business.

While your business may be larger and this may seem out of reach with the sheer volume of engagement you receive, responding to as many as your bandwidth can manage will tell your audience that you care about them and their opinions.

According to a 2017 survey of 1000 consumers by Sprout Social, 80% of consumers view social media as a platform that has made companies more accountable. Almost half of those polled admitted to venting their frustrations on social media. Whether it’s requesting a refund, discount, filing a complaint, or raising awareness about an issue, customers prefer to communicate through social media (second only to in-person interactions).

The most popular channel among millennials is social media. With this being said, take the time to curate those virtual customer relationships in order to create a large community of promoters of your business online.

2. Host Events

Organizing events is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your company. Not only are events entertaining, but they also allow you to engage with your customers on a personal level.

Customers can assist your brand in reaching a broader audience than you could on your own. Encourage people to talk about the event on social media before, during, and after it takes place to help with this. To increase participation, you can also incorporate a giveaway via social media or by means of attendants at your event.

3. Provide Exclusive Offerings + Deals

Customer loyalty and referral programs benefit your company and help to promote brand loyalty. Loyalty programs increase sales and reward customers for doing business with you. Referral programs allow you to grow your customer base while rewarding customers who assist in spreading the word about your company.

According to 3 Tier Logic, consumers who participate in high-performing loyalty programs are 80% more likely to choose the brand over competitors and twice as likely to recommend the brand to their friends.

Even if it’s something as basic as an email with a discount offer or a personal letter from your CEO, unexpected bonuses give people a favorable image of your company. They’re also a simple approach to keep your brand in the minds of your customers.

4. Perfect Your Customer Service

Ah, the key to ultimate business success, great customer service. From answering customer questions to responding to complaints, the quality of service that you provide customers is crucial to your advancement as a business. According to Hubspot, 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences.

The process your customer goes through to purchase your product and/or service, as well as what happens after, is a part of your customer service experience. How easy is your website to navigate? Do you have a FAQ page? How long does it take for your team to respond to emails, social media comments, missed calls, etc.?

By putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and pinpointing the experience you would want to receive will help you turn customers into your biggest promoters. For example, Envision Creative was founded based on the experience we wanted our clients to have. We asked ourselves “What would we want if we were the client?” and perfected our customer service and brand experience from there.

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