4 Paths to Customer Appreciation

4 Paths to Customer Appreciation

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and a business that knows how to appreciate its customers has a great edge in its market. But showing your customer appreciation goes far beyond simply saying thank you for their business. In order for a customer to feel truly appreciated by a business, you need to work hard to show them that you truly value their business.

1. Provide the Best Product or Service You Can

Perhaps the most simple way to show your customers that you appreciate them is by giving them a product or service that meets, or ideally, exceeds their expectations. The customer is choosing to invest their money in your business, so return that loyalty by investing in your customers. Reach beyond being average. In a world of skeptical buyers, many will delight in finding a business that strives to make its customers happy.

2. Start a Customer Rewards Program

As you have customers that return again and again to your business, starting a customer rewards program can be a clear way to show your appreciation to your loyal customers. Offering a discount, rewards after the customer earns a set number of points, or inclusion in special offers can be a great way to show your customer appreciation. Plus, a rewards program encourages new customers to sign up and become long-term customers.

3. Interact With Your Customers

Start up a Facebook or Twitter page, create a forum on your website, or a questions and inquiries phone line. Part of appreciating your customers needs to be listening to them, and what they want or need from your business. Providing a way for customers to contact you a great step, but then you need to be sure to show customers that you are present and listening to their questions, suggestions, and concerns. Respond to Facebook comments, moderate the forum, and answer the phone, taking the time to help.

4. Highlight Great Customer Service

Customer service is where your customer has a personal interaction with your brand, and is one of the best places to show a real, face-to-face appreciation for their business. Make sure that the people who help your customers every day (whether you, your colleagues, or your employees) show that they are happy that the customer has chosen to buy from and support your business.

Customer appreciation can be a powerful part of what causes a business to succeed. If a customer senses that your business values them and celebrates their part in supporting the business, they may choose to buy from you over your competitors, simply because they feel that your appreciation inspires their loyalty. When a customer feels appreciation, they form a personal connection with a business, which is rare in these days of extreme commercialism. This just makes it all the more worth it to work hard to show your customers that you care.