3 Trade Show Sign Design Blunders That Even the Pros Make

3 Sign Design Blunders

While trade shows are often the perfect place to debut a new product or service and capture a buzz in your industry, they can also be a waste of time and money if you fail to connect with your target audience. Sign design is an important and often-overlooked element of trade show preparation. After all, the sign attracts visitors to your booth. Brush up on common blunders to avoid before your next trade show.

1. Overcrowding Banners

Too often, trade show attendees fall into the trap of overcrowding their banners with text and images in an effort to maximize booth traffic. Unfortunately, the more crowded a banner is, the harder it is for trade show visitors to take it in. When planning for your next trade show, simplify your message to create a compelling, clutter-free sign design.

2. Using Cheap Materials

A thoughtful trade show banner is an investment in your business’s future, something you can use time and again for trade shows, conferences, and the like. Yet too many businesses balk at the idea of spending good money on banners and sign design, preferring to get something done on the cheap. This can backfire when the finished product looks cheap or fails to hold up through the trade show weekend. Invest in quality materials when presenting your business to ensure you appear in the best possible light.

3. Fearing a Bold Splash

At a trade show, booths can blend together. If you try to “play it safe” and go for bland marketing materials and sign design, you will not stand out in a crowd. So embrace color and go for materials that will make a splash from across the crowded convention hall floor to ensure that your business gets noticed

An attention-getting trade show sign design is critical and must create a first impression that generates undeniable interest in the people passing by. Trade shows can be glorious combinations of noise, color and excitement, but carry the possibility of information overload. Make sure your company is one they remember by having strategically placed, easy-to-read trade show sign design for your next trade show. 

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