Xtreme Network Security

Austin Structured Cabling and Security

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Xtreme Network Security was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing a higher level of technical service to Central Texas. They are leaders in the industry in Structured Cabling, Security and Network Infrastructure and work with health care facilities, commercial real estate construction, educational facilities, data centers, and warehousing.


As Xtreme continued to grow in the Austin market, they wanted a website and branding that showcased their expertise and would help them grow outside of the Austin market.

Their logo and general brand identity didn’t match their level of expertise and they wanted a new logo that would exemplify their experience and poise them for continued growth.


Our design and marketing team, in collaboration with XNS, created a new logo, and color pallet that matched their sophistication and help them stand out amongst their peers and competition.

We also worked closely with them to redesign their current website to ensure they had a new website that embodied their new branding.


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