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Spectrum was founded in March 2017, when several team members joined forces and utilized a lifetime of experiences to offer their clients innovative environmental solutions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Spectrum continues its growth by implementing personnel from coast to coast, a new Physical Chemistry Lab in Arizona, and international partners. 

Spectrum’s vision is the application of optical spectroscopy in the process and environmental monitoring of industrial activities, and the use of such data for environmental improvement and enhanced business efficiency. Spectrum values innovation, scientific inquiry, the development of new ideas and approaches to better our world, personal and professional integrity, their families and friends, and the engagement of clients with similar values.


Spectrum needed a custom-created website that would educate its target clientele on its one-of-a-kind environmental products and services, as well as capture and increase potential customer information. Additionally, they needed reporting services that could provide top-of-the-line data and analytics on the performance of their new website.  Alongside the development of a revamped website, the Spectrum team desired a LinkedIn organic strategy, as well as Google Paid advertising that would increase their brand’s awareness in the space.

The Results

The Envision Creative marketing and design teams, alongside the C-suite executives at Spectrum Environmental Solutions, were able to design and develop a bespoke website that ultimately increased their organic website views by 131% and organic website users by 179% in just 4 months (their website launched August of 2022.) We were also able to develop monthly paid and organic LinkedIn and Google advertising strategies to reach Spectrum’s goal of brand awareness and lead capturing.

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