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Shaping the Future of C-PACE Financing

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Petros PACE Finance is a national leader in providing low-cost, long-term Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to commercial property owners. Petros PACE was founded by a team with a collective 60+ years of experience in building and assisting companies with strategic capital, advice, and strong business relationships. They are currently active in every C-PACE eligible state in the US and lead the forefront in making C-PACE programs available nationwide.


With Petros PACE’s aggressive growth plan, they wanted a website and branding that matched their sophistication and authority in the finance world. Petros wanted to create a beautiful, modern design that wowed visitors but also left space for education and information about C-PACE and all of its applications.

Their logo and general brand identity didn’t match their level of sophistication and they wanted a new logo that would reinforce their dominance and authority in their industry.


Our design and marketing team, in collaboration with Petros PACE leadership, created a new logo, messaging platform, and color pallet that matched their sophistication and help them stand out amongst their peers and competition.

We also worked closely with them to redesign their current website and helped them refine their copy and messaging to help educate their leads and create more opportunities for conversion.

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