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Lutheran High School (LHS) in San Antonio is a premier educational organization that has been providing custom college-preparatory and leadership education for their students since 1995.  Their founders, faculty, and administrators look beyond the status quo in education in order to ensure that every student not only gains facts, skills, and critical thinking experience, but truly sees that they can be well-rounded leaders, innovators, and difference makers in their communities.

Over the last 28+ years, LHS has been proud to see their alumni move onward from their institution with the tools necessary to make significant impact on San Antonio, the state of Texas, and beyond in many areas of expertise including medicine and healthcare, engineering, business, biology, pharmaceutical science, urban farming, and community building.


LHS came to our team because they were involved in a very competitive private education space in the Boerne area, especially as they were dealing with the unprecedented COVID epidemic that created additional challenges for all educational institutions. They needed insight into how to properly showcase what made their school unique and special for their families and to effectively reach out to local area parents looking for the type of impactful and thoughtful learning environment they create for their students.

We worked closely with their leadership team to craft a tailored outreach strategy and campaign that would help LHS reach their ideal prospective families as well as properly tell their story and the positive effects they have on not only their students but the greater community.

The Results

The entire Envision Team (branding, marketing, account management, and design) worked together in collaboration with the LHS leadership team to tailor a digital marketing strategy that was based on deep research and analysis, as well as provide ongoing support to ensure that the strategy was consistently and properly executed across multiple social media and digital marketing channels.

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