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The Envisionaries

Here at Envision, we can’t stress how important our team is. With other agencies, we’ve seen their staff roster change like a revolving door at Macy’s during the holiday shopping season. Not here. Our team is one of the key ingredients to what makes us special. Over the years, we’ve forged a solid team of creative professionals that are so dedicated to our client’s objectives, getting them to leave the office and go home is a job unto itself! (Go home already, gaaahhhh!)

Oh, and there isn’t a whole lot of boss/subordinate stuff here. We all work together side-by-side as a team. And that team of rock stars is (in no particular order):

David Smith

With a BBA in Marketing, David brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of brand and identity marketing, promotional planning, advertising, and graphic design for both print and web-based media… and he’s David Smith, Marketing and Design Agencytechnically the boss, though he might lead you to believe otherwise. Before entering the world of Envision, he served in marketing and print advertising roles in companies such as IBM, FIData, and Sun Harvest Farms. David is insanely proud of the team he’s put together, the work they’ve done, and their dedication to his mission. Over the past 13 years, he has led in the creation of an impressive client roster including Dell, HEB, Hilton Hotel, AMD, The Boyscouts of America, and The University of Texas at Austin. When not doting about the Envisionaries, he enjoys photography, playing guitar, and racing off-road motorcycles. He also grills a killer ribeye steak. Find him on Facebook if you’d like to see what he’s cooking on Saturday nights.

Stephanie Silver

Stephanie has been a leader in sales, management, and marketing in the service, retail, and business services industries for about 20 years. She has a BFA in Theater. Don’t ask her for a performance, but do take a step back if she starts to tell a story. Stephanie SilverShe’s pretty animated but not so coordinated.  However, she was awesome enough to have spent a summer studying with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, England. With a flair for the dramatic and a strong attention to detail, she has been the Vice President at Envision Creative Group for the last 10 years. She has a passion for building strong, lasting relationships, helping businesses grow, and creating authentic brand experiences. When she’s not managing the team or visiting with clients, Steph can usually be found cooking or gardening. There was a time when you could find her dancing the night away in Austin’s hottest clubs. You’re now more likely to spot her dancing in her living room with her husband and two adorable sons.

Sarah Mayer

With a BA in Communications, aSarah Mayer big-picture perspective, and the approachable energy that comes with being an Austin native, Sarah couldn’t be more at home in her role. Just as much as she enjoys the thrill of skydiving or speaking in front of thousands, Sarah thrives on the satisfaction of helping businesses both small and large to meet their goals. When she’s not adding to her 7+ years of experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, media, and content marketing, Sarah is likely to be playing competitive sand volleyball, exploring new restaurants, or live broadcasting for the X Games. (Yep. She’s that cool.)

Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie speaks over 5 languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP – to name a few). And as an accomplished designer & website developer, illustrator, and studio artist, we’d have to say she’s pretty awesome. Stephanie Meyer, Graphic Designer, Web DeveloperWith a BFA in both Communication Design and Studio Art, her extensive experience has helped countless companies create impactful, effective web presences. Aside from building gorgeous WordPress websites, Stephanie is a holistic health and nutrition enthusiast. She teaches acro yoga, practices Thai massage, and grows her own vegetable garden (permaculture certified). Her deep appreciation for great music extends into the office on the daily. In short, Stephanie Meyer is pretty much a superhero.

Sarah Ricker

Artist/Musician/Writer turned coder, Sarah is a tech-savvy digital personality Sarah Rickerwith an eye for the aesthetic. Hailing from the northeast with a BA in English and MS in Communication Studies, she combines a love of coding and design with a meticulous respect for web standards and a (mild) obsession for workflow and time management methodologies (track all the things!).  Though rare to find her away from a computer these days, in between commits, you can still catch Sarah hammering out melodies on her ever-growing instrument collection or attempting (poorly) to transform into a stand-up comedian.

Michael Gabriel

With personality shaped by frequent travels and a healthy dose of spontaneity, Michael offers a unique insight into Envision’s marketing Michael Gabriel - Envision Creative Groupdivision. He has an M.A. degree in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, along with Inbound Marketing, HubSpot Software, and HubSpot Partner certifications. When not busy training the team on the latest automation tools or coaching clients on social media best practices, Michael enjoys running around Town Lake, playing any strategy game he can get his hands on, and spoiling his dog, Mocha. He’s a major foodie too; it’s not uncommon for him to go on passionate and entertaining tangents about his latest restaurant experiences (or anything, really). His special power? Holding back tears when you don’t use an Oxford comma.

Nick Montrose

One reason Nick was drawn to Austin in the late 2000’s was to explore the possibilities of writingNick Montrose and regeneration in the shade of oak trees and tacos. After receiving his BA in English and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts, he found himself drawn from the frozen northern coast to the Pacific Northwest then finally towards Texas. Over the years, he honed his digital marketing skills in both operations and account management supporting eCommerce programs like, Moosejaw and World Market, while maintaining a heavy interest in travel against a backdrop of conversion rates and vLookups. Coast to coast, he can be found riding bicycles, camping, and studying maps of South America in his apartment.

Taylor Prewitt

Taylor’s background in journalism from the University of Texas has ruined us. Like all the most engaging reporters, Taylor knows how make anything into a magnetic story—and now we couldn’t feel more spoiled. Whether it’s related to a client’s industry, our own work, or whatever happens to come up in conversation, Taylor Have-You-Read-The-Article-About Prewitt always has her finger on the pulse—and creates the most relevant, timely, and spot-on content as a result. She’s the vision and the voice any agency would scramble to snag, but we’ve got her—apples, peanut butter, smarts, and all.

Steph Cavalier

Some people know a little about a lot of things. Steph, however, knows a lot about a lot of things. With a B.S. in Psychology from Union College, “Cavalier,” as we love to call her, applies her rare and complex understanding of people to the way she thinks abSteph Cavalierout the brand experience and manages accounts. She boasts over six years of sales, community relations, and marketing roles, but if we’re being honest, it was her love of goofy dogs and her taste in sandwiches that really sold us. Plus maybe her ability to go from newbie to guru when it comes to anything she touches. Just give her a day or two.

Sarah Firle

Sarah is a bubbly Scottish import with extensive knowledge of obscure holidays and their respective cocktails (we’re not complaining!). Since her arrival, plaid socks and haggis have become a norm in the office. Sarah Beattie, graphic designer austinSarah holds a BFA in Communication Design, and has led in the transformation of many of Texas’ most popular brands, including Night Hawk Frozen Foods. With work published in CYMK Magazine and Graphis, her seemingly relentless love for typography and package design may only ever be hindered by the occasional fine-dining experience or “Netflix & puppy” binge. Detail-oriented and (intimidatingly) organized, Sarah prides herself over her strategic design and ongoing client relationships. Although known to share her wisdom in various business journals, Sarah’s other hobbies include dancing, camping, and eating TONS of sushi (without having to loosen her kilt). By the way, that package design in HEB’s Super Bowl commercial – hers!

Stephanie Baswell

When most people take a lunch break, Steph takes a gym break. A bikini competitor in the National Physique Committee, Steph’s fitness discipline directly correlates with her design chops. She doesn’t skimp on personal goals and always challenges clients to take creative risks to meet their own. Trendy design? Predictable design? Design for the sake of design? Steph doesn’t need it. With her, you can count on two things for certain: she’ll far exceed any modest expectations, and she’ll be eating baked chicken, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts at 4:45 p.m.

Brian Appleton

A self-declared wordsmith, Brian has a passion for digital marketing, especially when it comes to copywriting, SEO, and content development. Brian AppletonHe has extensive experience in corporate blogging, editing, and social media content creation with a soft spot for optimization and quality-checking. In addition to his enthusiastic marketing skills, Brian is also a ragtime-loving pianist for the past 20 years. When he’s not banging out tunes on the piano you can find him reading up on the latest horse racing news or enjoying a great book with a cup of hot chocolate.

Rachael Hellman - Envision Creative GroupRachael’s got 99 problems and deciding what to eat for lunch—if she hasn’t already brought some kind of parsley salad—is most of them. Her degree from the University of Pittsburgh is in creative nonfiction writing, but she brings to us a diverse blend of wordplay and analysis that delivers the right kind of life to every piece of content. Need a punny, yet incontestably compelling tagline for your software company or heart-warming caption for a picture of sausages? Need to articulate exactly why your brand is differenteven if it’s not? All of that, along with corporate messaging, idea creation, and would-you-rathers is Rachael’s specialty.

Rhonda Smith

If Morticia Addams was reincarnated as a superbly-savvy office manager, her name would be Rhonda Smith. In addition to being an Excel and Quickbooks genius and an amazRhonda Smithing mom, Rhonda is a critical, thorough, and detective-like researcher. Big or small, personal or work-related, it’s rare for decisions ‘round the office to be made without her. When she’s not juggling every element of Envision with the grace of Morticia herself, Rhonda is either planning for next Halloween, listening to classic vinyl, or relaxing with red wine and scallops—maybe all at once.