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Professional Services

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Streamline Funding was started more than 20 years ago with a simple idea:  To Help Builders Grow.  They offer Fix & Flip, Ground Up, and Bridge loans that require less money down, higher reliability, and faster results than the traditional capital funding sources that exist in the market today.

Their access to top-tier, Texas real estate entrepreneurs combined with their team’s deep pool of resources, knowledge, flexibility, and expertise, empower their clients to grow more effectively, more quickly, and more profitably than they ever thought possible. That’s why they are the most trusted private real estate lender in the state.


We began partnering with Streamline because they were seeking to reposition themselves to accelerate their, and their clients’, growth even more rapidly than they had already in their almost 2 decades of service. The Envision team worked closely with Streamline’s key stakeholders to create a bespoked Marketing Strategy & Action Plan that showcased their firm’s unparalleled capabilities and connect them with even more of their ideal builder personas.

Knowing that they operated in a niche B2B market space, our team conducted deep-dive research and competitive analysis across a multitude of tactical areas including website, social media, digital advertising, email, and hard copy sales collateral to identify the primary opportunities and competitive advantages that would position Streamline for long term success.

The Results

After creating a tailored strategy and action plan for the Streamline team, we worked closely with them to establish orders of operation and a comprehensive plan to execute and engage their strategy to maximize on all of the resources they invested in to each tactic.