Surface Engineering Solutions

Client Profile

REM Surface Engineering is an international engineering solutions company founded in 1965 and is the pioneer and leader in the field of surface engineering. Their revolutionary Isotropic Superfinish Process (ISF®) employs non-abrasive automated mass finishing, which results in more efficient, uniform parts that outperform the competition. Their patented process allows them to provide high-quality engineering solutions to a wide range of industries from health care to aerospace.


REM needed a website that allowed them to easily communicate the wide range of products and services they offer through a sleek, modern design. In addition, they have developed content and white papers to further define their products and services, and were looking for ways to deliver that information in an organized, aesthetically pleasing way.

The Solution

REM chose Envision Creative, a trusted partner that designed and built their original website, to design the next iteration of their site. The solution, an eye-catching design that visually displays the array of products and services REM offers with room to grow.

Website Redesign

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