Caring. Committed. Enthusiastic. Invaluable.


Our Core Values

These are the values we live by…


Make a Difference

Our clients are businesses with bottom lines. But even more importantly, they’re people with lives. We’re conscious of our unique role in making an actual impact, not just “doing a job.” From the first phone call to every action item we make on behalf of our clients, our goal is to continuously prove our value—and prove that we listen. Prove to be invaluable… to the client, to Envision, and to each other.


Always be Learning

To be “good at what we do” isn’t enough. By its very nature, being a true expert at marketing and branding requires staying engaged with evolving trends. We crave industry news and make staying up-to-date part of our work. We read, we go to trainings, and we encourage everyone in the agency to get certified in skills that go beyond their day-to-day tasks. We’re proud to own our individual skillsets, but diversifying ourselves is just as important. It’s why our designers strive to learn code and our marketers can sell with confidence.


Come for More Than The Job

Distant, disconnected “hi-how-are-yous” aren’t our style. We truly value the company of our co-workers and are deeply invested in each other’s success and well-being. For us, it comes in the form of support, respect, and compassion in all directions. We guide each other towards personal and professional growth and celebrate wins—plus birthdays and our favorite holidays—every chance we get.


View Everything From the Client’s Side

The vision for our agency started on the side of the client—and our perspective has stayed that way. In our case, that manifests in transparency, reasonable billing, and ongoing communication. To demonstrate our investment in every client, we bring the whole team in on discovery meetings and are generous with the creative ideas we offer. While confident in our expertise, we never assume we know more than the client about their business or industry. (We don’t.)


Be Driven by the Big Picture

Everything we do is positioned around strategy and the tactics that are part of it, but nothing we do abandons the big picture. We believe “quality over quantity” is a common mantra for a reason. At the same time, the answer to “why” inspires every move we make. With the end-goal always in mind, we do better than best practices. It’s all about whether the means is truly a means to a fruitful end.


Create an Experience

Having started as a design firm, we’re wired to love pretty things, but decidedly approach beautiful as only the beginning. Whether we’re creating a gasp-worthy package, designing an email, or presenting an Action Plan to clients, we distinguish between the experience and the impression. When we’re doing our job right, every one of our clients can speak to the feeling of partnering with us just as much as the creative we produce. To us, it’s about the intangible and tangible working together.


Break the Rules

“Safe” works, but it’s never memorable. Creatively, we challenge ourselves to think beyond secure ideas and old stand-bys and to be bold and unrestrained—even weird. Culturally, we foster an environment that welcomes improvements, constructive criticism, and new ways of doing things. Together, we’re fearless in saying “what if” and open ourselves to unfamiliar opportunities and the potential for growth.



Our Cultural Imperatives

“Envision employees are…”



No matter the task or project, we approach everything consciously and with intention. There’s no such thing as a detail that’s irrelevant or too small. Ruminate over a semicolon versus a dash? Of course we will. OCD tendencies welcome.



Fussing over “the problem” isn’t our style. We join forces and activate ourselves towards outcomes and the bigger picture. It’s always about getting there, not staying here.



In addition to a palpable (but lowkey) sense of confidence, we value those driven by their own curiosity, initiative, and hunger for challenging experiences. We love note-takers and those who never “run out” of things to do to increase their knowledge and skill set.



Receptive (and appreciative!) of constructive criticism and always in the team mindset, we’re open with each other about the strengths and the opportunities for growth in our work. In conversation, we are lighthearted, positive, and don’t walk on eggshells, but we aren’t afraid to respectfully speak up, either.



With a shared sense of humor and a high-tolerance for “weird,” we energize each other and have fun on a daily—sometimes hourly—basis. While still always getting $%^& done, we strive to bring a level of lightness to everything we do.


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