Package Design Magazine selects Envision Creative Group for 2014 Makeover Challenge

AUSTIN, TX–April 23, 2014 Envision Creative Group, an Austin-based creative branding, marketing, and design agency has been selected out of hundreds of national firms as one of four agencies to compete in Package Design Magazine’s 2014 Makeover Challenge.

Each year, Package Design Magazine tasks four design agencies with re-imagining the packaging and branding of a product sold in the U.S. with their Makeover Challenge. The challenge spans a little less than two months in which the agencies must get to know a brand, define their goals, devise a strategy, and prepare a rejuvenated, creative package design for presentation to the brand owner and Package Design’s readers. Package Design’s readers voice their opinions of the new concepts online by casting votes on Package Design’s website and in person at the Pack Expo International in Chicago. Package Design’s parent company, ST Media Group, then collects and counts the votes and publishes the results in the magazine’s following monthly edition.

At the conclusion of the competition, the brand owner and competing agencies may choose to continue their newly established relationship beyond the involvement of ST Media Group.

Envision will be presenting their redesign concept on June 30th to Package Design and this year’s client, Kelley Quan, a vegan beauty brush company. The final submissions will be featured in Package Design’s August issue with voting available online or in person at the Pack Expo International 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago on November 2-5. The submissions will also be on display at Luxe Pack Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco on October 27-29.

“I’m so excited to have Envision Creative Group compete in this year’s Makeover Challenge,” says Linda Casey, editor-in-chief at Package Design Magazine. “David Smith won me over with his passion and professionalism. I look forward to fresh perspective that Smith’s team will bring to our competition—now in its 11th year—and the comprehensive approach afforded by Envision Creative Group’s full breadth of services.”

With an impressive portfolio showcasing several innovative package designs, Envision Creative Group has a real passion for branding that is only further bolstered by excellent taste and an incredible talent for design.

Founder and President of Envision Creative Group, David Smith, and the Envision team are honored to have been selected and ecstatic to get started, already bringing their enthusiastic spirit and dedicated nature to the competition.

About Kelley Quan: “The Kelley Quan® Vegan Beauty Brush collection offers a concise line of multi purpose, thoughtfully designed brushes that are hypo- allergenic, easy to clean, competitively priced and without cruelty and exploitation to animals. Kelley Quan offers a collection that encourages your inner makeup artist to emerge, while being kinder to nature and animals, and your skin. And our brushes are proudly manufactured by hand in New York City.”

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