Envision Creative Group receives 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising

Envision Creative’s microsite for Night Hawk Foods, “Taste Justice,” was recognized last month by the Web Marketing Association’s Internet Advertising Competition.

Judged within the context of the Internet and advertising standards at large, the Taste Justice site competed against others in the same category and was evaluated for creativity, innovation, impact, design copywriting, use of the medium, and memorability.

To learn more about the Internet Advertising Competition, visit their site.

About the Site

Inspired by personal injury lawyer ads, the Taste Justice campaign urges those experiencing symptoms of “D.F.M.” to visit TasteJustice.com to diagnose themselves with the “condition” and how Hawk & Hawk, two human-bodied, hawk-headed lawyers, can help earn them the compensation they deserve.

On the microsite, visitors can learn about the symptoms of “Disappointing Frozen Meals” and who is impacted, view Night Hawk products and case studies, read about Hank and Harvey Hawk, and enter a giveaway.

Intentionally urgent, engaging, and bizarre, Taste Justice is intended to educate visitors about a better frozen food option in Night Hawk.