Envision Creative Group is the Fifth Top Graphic Design Firm in Austin

(AUSTIN, TX – January 12, 2011) Envision Creative Group, an Austin based strategic graphic design firm, has been ranked the fifth top graphic design firm in the 2011 Austin Business Journal Book of Lists.

Despite all of the economic challenges of the past three years, Envision Creative Group has stood it’s ground in the Austin market, growing it’s clientele, bolstering it’s services, and continuing to provide the kind of service that keeps clients coming back. 2008 and 2009 were difficult years for most businesses. Fortunately, 2010 was a turn-around year for many in Austin, and Envision Creative Group was no exception. 2010 was a year in which companies, including Envision, began reinvesting in their marketing and advertising initiatives to stay competitive. It paid off for those that took the risk. Consumers felt more confident in the economy, businesses were more active in their branding & positioning, and the community was more prosperous because of it.

When asked what kept Envision Creative Group from closing it’s doors like a lot of other design shops and small businesses, David Smith, President and founder of Envision said “We knew from the beginning of the downturn that companies would pull back on their marketing efforts so we stepped ours up. We invested in our staff, printed new brochures, and sponsored local organizations such as the Austin Chamber of Commerce, The Ronald McDonald House, Austin Technology Council, and others. We kept our name in front of the community and maintained our mission to provide quality work and exceptional service.” Smith stated, “This gave us an opportunity to slow down, look deep inside, and really determine who we are and what kind of company we truly want to be. We’re excited to see what will happen next.”

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About Envision Creative Group

Founded by David Smith, Envision Creative Group has more than 23 years of experience in the areas of brand and identity marketing, promotional planning, advertising, and graphic design for print and Web-based media. Envision has successfully helped Austin, national, and international businesses – reach and exceed their marketing goals.