Austin Voyage Spotlights Envision’s David Smith

Our founder, president, and fearless leader, David Smith, was recently spotlighted by Voyage Austin as a hidden gem! Voyage Austin, a member of the LA-based Voyage Group of Magazines, is on a mission to promote artists, creatives, makers, and small businesses by providing a platform for these hidden gems to tell their stories in their own words. David talks about the history behind Envision Creative, as well as the differences between Repositioning vs. Rebranding. Check out the following snippets from the article:


“Rebranding is the process of modifying or changing the image and identity of an organization through the change in name, logo, design, offering, etc. Repositioning on the other hand is a much more comprehensive process of reviewing a client’s goals and the challenges they’ve faced in trying to attain those goals.”


“The result may include a rebrand or change in messaging or shift in target audience to gain more awareness. Ultimately it means looking deeper into solving a business problem and not just updating window dressing for a fresher look (which may or may not have anything to do with addressing the challenges they’ve faced in trying to achieve their goals).”


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