Your Digital Presence Is More Important Than Ever

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Digital Presence

With the rise of the Internet as the go-to research tool for consumers, a robust digital presence is more important than ever for businesses looking to reach new audiences and gain more customers. But how do you go from zero to hero when it comes to an active online existence?

These five steps should do the trick:

Establishing Your Brand. Without a distinct and exciting brand, your business is just a small fish floating through the huge, cat adoring pond that is the Internet. Creating a coherent, appealing characterization for your business can make you stand out from the competitors that are already flooding your potential followers’ feeds. Think about who you want to appeal to and craft a tone and image based on that target audience. Most importantly, keep your brand consistent across all platforms to increase both trust and awareness.

Designing Your Website. Designed correctly, your website should be a home base for your digital presence — a space where customers can go when they’re searching the world wide web for information and a site you can link back to again and again. Keeping your business’s brand in mind, make the website design user-friendly, attractive, and easy to navigate. Cover your bases with the standard landing pages (About, Contact, Services, etc.) and invest in a simple, logical URL.

Working on SEO. The entire goal of SEO is to expand and grow your digital presence in search engine results. By optimizing your site’s rankings, you’re making your brand more discoverable to potential customers looking for your exact product or service, even if all they simply type in a few keywords. Even something as simple as submitting your business’s location and contact information to Google can get you more eyeballs, more leads, and, eventually, more customers.

Creating Social Media Accounts. In 2015, not having social media accounts on various platforms is the modern day equivalent of not listing your phone number in the yellow pages. How do you expect potential customers to find you if you’re not occupying the same digital spaces as them? Social media provides the perfect platform for posting calls-to-action, blogs, and landing pages, and for getting more potential leads on your site. It’s also a great means to connect directly with your customers who may have questions or comments about your product or service.

Maintaining Your Presence. A huge part of having a digital presence is actually remaining present. Social media accounts are of no use if you’re not updating them regularly and blogging only helps search engine rankings if you’re constantly creating fresh content. In today’s world of fast paced digital cycles, even a few weeks of inactivity online could lead customers to believe your business has disbanded. Maintaining a consistent digital presence is really the only way to grow one.

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