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7 Outdated Blogging Tips & Habits You Should Avoid at All Costs

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7 Outdated Blogging Tips & Habits You Should Avoid at All Costs

Finding blogging tips is a pretty easy task, right? All you have to do is enter a query in Google, hit “enter,” and take your pick from the massive list of articles. Unfortunately, though, as online culture and search algorithms have evolved, some of the most popular blogging…more

The Value of Blogging for Your Company

Before Facebook, before Twitter – before Google, even – the Internet connected people through blogs. Although the term “blog” didn’t arrive until 1997, countless individuals and companies shared their thoughts and news with the world through the use of various online posting systems, such as Usenet or BBS.…more

It’s Not Just SEO: Reap These 3 Benefits of Blogging

Blogs are so ubiquitous these days that they’ve come to seem like an indispensable part of any online business presence. While well-run blogs are obviously valuable assets, it’s easy to lose track of the reasons why. Understanding the potential benefits of blogging will help you get the most…more

Content Creation is NOT Rocket Science

So you don’t have a content strategy? Don’t panic. Yes, your business needs one, but if you’re in business at all, you probably do have a content creation strategy – you just don’t realize it. Discovering Your Content Strategy In everything you know about your customer base, your business’s seasonal fluctuations, industry trends, and…more