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J. Irwin Company Brochure Design

Brochure design for J. Irwin Company. J. Irwin Company, a builder of natural gas pipelines and processing facilities approached Envision to create their new sales brochure. The request was to create a tri-fold brochure, however, after evaluating their sales process, target audience and branding objectives, we determined that a multi-page brochure would present their information in a more informative manner. It would also present the company as the top-tier vendor in their industry that they are. So we agreed on the unique dimensions of the brochure, the die cut cover and the emboss and foil-stamped logo on the cover. They chartered a flight for us to visit 3 of their oil and gas locations in Texas and we did a custom photo shoot at each location. All photography used in the brochure was photographed by our in-house photographer and helped J. Irwin stand apart from their competition because all stock photography was eliminated.

Since the adoption of this new brochure format, it has been a huge success and the company is growing their headquarters to accommodate their increase in sales.

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