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Logo Design: Be Your Brand

Logo design for Be Your Brand. Be Your Brand approached Envision Creative Group with a unique mission and the challenge of determining the name and creating an identity that would become an inspiration for youth in America. The unique mission is as follows:

“We at Be Your Brand want to remind individuals they are uniquely talented and special. Our products are designed to embrace individuality while promoting self confidence and a positive self image. Unfortunately, stigmatizing stereotypes and brands in society attempt to tell us who we are, how we should behave and how we are valued. When you embrace your individuality and believe in yourself, you will create a brand that will last your lifetime.”

Be Your Brand with the unique finger print was determined to embody the cause and appeal to multiple generations.The main identity is the orange and black you see in the mark here but Envision has created a varied color palette and variations for this brand identity that will help to define the uniqueness of each individual. This mark will be used on various wearable merchandise, including shirts, bracelets, charms, bag tags and more.


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