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You Need to be Linking Out for Your Business Blogging. Here’s Why.

It’s a commonly asked question; Isn’t it a bad idea to link to competitors in my blog post? While it may seem counter-intuitive, linking to competitor websites in your posts is an excellent blogging tactic. External linking carries several stigmas that have hampered wider adoption among business blogs and professionals. However, a thorough understanding of…more

What is Influencer Marketing and is it Right for Your Business?

Marketing has existed for centuries. As far back as the Romans and ancient Greeks, promotion, trade, and influence all played a major role in the success of the economy. Though the methods have changed drastically, the principles have generally remained the same. This is especially true when it comes to influencer marketing. Two Contrasting Examples…more

A Lack of Brand Identity Can Damage Your Marketing Results

Imagine that brand identity is the DNA of your business. It makes up every single element of your business. Employees, content, interactions and more, it’s all part of your company’s DNA, your identity. Brand identity is the essence of your business. It makes your business unique and tells its story to the world. Marketing without…more

How to Identify 5 Epic Brand Attributes

Identify Great Brand Attributes How do you identify the brand attributes of your business? Many business owners spend significant resources fine-tuning their branding to build relationships with the target audience. After all that investment, planning, and brand strategy you’d expect a great reception, right? Here’s the sad truth; 54% of people don’t trust brands. Why…more

Our 4 New Year’s Resolutions That Every Business Should Totally Steal

Though well-intentioned, New Year’s resolutions are often the stuff of half-hearted Instagram truisms and generic quotes about “doing better.” Last month, we took a step back as a team to identify our individual and collective aspirations for 2017. We tried to keep them as tangible (and actionable!) as possible. Feel free to steal them or…more

Market Analysis that Creates an Inbound Marketing Breakthrough

When was the last time you conducted market research and analysis? If you’re like most business owners, executives, and professionals, you probably haven’t revised or updated your market analysis since creating your business plan. That’s not surprising considering the stigma associated with conducting research and analysis; it’s boring, stressful, and demanding. Regardless of how you…more

79 Social Media Statistics You Can’t Ignore

Social media performance statistics carry vast amounts of valuable data that can be used to benefit your business. Since becoming a global powerhouse in the world of digital marketing, social media has had a significant impact on sales and driving revenue. Aside from email, social media is the most effective digital marketing tactic a business…more

Do I Need SEO Services?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of inbound marketing. To that end, many companies use SEO as one of their tried-and-true, bread-and-butter marketing tactics. However, SEO is not as easy as it may seem, in part because of the numerous technicalities that influence a page’s overall rank on the search engine result page (SERP).…more

Why the Art of Brand Positioning is Also a Science

How you position your brand is crucial to your company’s success. It is how you differentiate yourself from your competition. Brand positioning is what drives customer perceptions and buying behavior. Every business has a brand. Let me repeat: every business–large or small–has a brand, but it’s what they do with it that indicates success or…more