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5 Content Marketing Tips to Keep Your Posting Fresh

content marketing tips

It’s a well known fact that content rules when it comes to modern SEO strategies. Many business owners have tried their hand at regular content creation only to fail because they’re unable to produce consistent, fresh ideas for articles and blogs. That’s normal. Coming up with new, engaging content is difficult if you don’t have a solid blueprint for your writing. The following tips will help you plan a content strategy which allows you to pump out one fresh post after another.

Here’s 5 content marketing tips we use that help keep our content fresh, engaging and professional:

  1. Be a news source
  2. Get a ringer
  3. Share industry events
  4. Use a personal touch
  5. Breathe new life into your product

#1 – Be a News Source

News stories are a prime example of fresh content. You can’t get any more fresh than a breaking, exclusive story. Take advantage of the constant influx of news items available to your industry and put your own spin on them.

Consider subscribing to an RSS feed so you can receive news stories and topics of interest delivered directly to your inbox. Because news agencies aren’t going extinct anytime soon, this tactic can be an endless source of potential topics and content ideas.

#2 – Get a Ringer

Whenever you or your content writers experience a bout of writer’s block it can help to bring in some new blood. Hiring or collaborating with a guest writing will inject a fresh perspective into your archive of content ideas.

Readers can sense the tone of your content. If you’re bored with the content you’re creating it’s going to show in the results of your work. A guest blogger brings a unique set of life experiences and specialized knowledge to the table that will infuse your content with fresh life.

#3 – Share Industry Events

In any given industry, there are numerous events, such conventions, trade shows, public speaking, and more. Typically these events come from a variety of different sources and are spread throughout the year which gives you the perfect opportunity to observe issues and trends being discussed.

If you want to position your company as a leader in the industry you probably send certain members of your organization to attend these events. Use these opportunities to share new information with customers and followers. Demonstrate that you care enough about your products and services to be fully engaged in your industry.

#4 – Use a Personal Touch

Everyone likes to know who they’re doing business with. It’s a matter of trust and credibility. Your customers and visitors are no different. Use your blog to highlight company culture content that demonstrates transparency and integrate each post into your newsletter.

This is also a great way to humanize your business. It allows clients and visitors to feel comfortable with your brand be becoming familiar with the faces of your company.

#5 – Breathe New Life Into Your Product

Many products are marketed with a specific purpose in mind. However, there may be other, lesser-known ways your product can be put to use. For example, a certain chocolate candy could be used in a series of custom recipes. A service you offer, such as carpet cleaning, could be extended to motor homes and bass boats. With a little bit of creativity and research, you can create a steady stream of fresh content.

Even when it seems like you’ve run out of interesting, viable content ideas, you haven’t. Trust us. As long as your industry is relevant there’s opportunities available. Try working from a new perspective and don’t be afraid to experiment. Your visitors and customers will love you for it.

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