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What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the holistic means of generating sales by positioning your organization as an industry thought-leader, first by using targeted, keyword-optimized content to create an online presence that attracts qualified leads, then by nurturing those prospects with personalized content, strategic email campaigns, social media, and marketing automation until they are actually ready to purchase your product or service.Inbound Marketing Pie Chart

Inbound marketing is not a tactic, channel, or technology. Rather, it’s a methodology that capitalizes on the way consumers make buying decisions today. Inbound marketers understand that people value personalized, relevant content and connections — not interruptive messages — at every stage of the sales funnel.

There was a day when traditional (and expensive) marketing practices were the answer.

  • Before caller ID, people actually picked up cold calls.
  • Before email, people actually read direct mail campaigns.
  • Before DVR, people actually watched commercials.

And now:

People have evolved. 

We now live in an age where information is at our fingertips. Every claim is fact-checked, every business is reviewed, and each industry’s best is determined by Google searches. In fact, studies claim that nearly 60% of the purchasing decision has already been made before a potential customer even picks up the phone to call you.

Knowing this, 3 conclusions can be made:

    1. Consumers are more educated than ever.

    2. Brand experiences must be more personalized than ever.

    3. The “shotgun approach” is a quickly fading aspect of marketing.

Whether B2C or B2B, inbound marketing practices enable any business to become relevant to their customers. Furthermore, while most marketing methodologies focus on addressing only one portion of the sales cycle, such as increasing traffic to a website, inbound marketing reaches customers at every stage of their buying decision.

Buyer personas are discovered to individualize each brand experience and attract leads that matter.

Rich content (white paper, eBooks), blogs, social media, and SEO/keyword strategy allow brands to rank higher on search engines, build real relationships with their customers, and establish themselves as invaluable online resources.

Calls-to-action, landing pages, automated workflows, and personalized emails nurture leads through the sales process until they are truly ready to make a purchase, resulting in happy evangelists of the brand.

The digital nature of inbound marketing allows for unrivaled transparency, fostering an environment where each marketing decision can be tracked and analyzed. The result: maximized ROI, smarter marketers, and a happier sales team.

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