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An Email Marketing Strategy to Ward Off the Spam Folder

Traditional marketing strategies that rely on forced attention grabbing, such as TV and radio advertisements, direct postal mailers and cold calls, aren’t overly effective at generating interest (and they certainly aren’t cheap.) Today’s consumers don’t want to be told what they should be buying– they want to be showed how a product or service meets…more

5 Eye-Catching Value Proposition Examples to Learn From

These days, we find ourselves bombarded with advertising at every turn: a multitude of billboards, banner ads, jingles and more that demand our attention and instruct us to “Buy This Product.” With such a cacophony of promotion around us, the art of crafting a successful value proposition has become more vital than ever. What Is…more

It’s Not You, It’s Me: 5 Keys to Hiring the Best Marketing Agency

So the time has come to “break up” with your current marketing agency. Or perhaps your business has never worked with an agency, but has grown to the point where you need help with your marketing. Hiring the best marketing agency is a bit like searching for Mr./Ms. Right. There are many potential partners out…more

Four Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is often an overlooked marketing tool, but it’s one that every marketer should have in his or her arsenal. Being able to continuously review the information you’ve gained gives you an edge over the very competition you’re analyzing. Why? Because many companies are so strapped for time and resources that they spend it…more

Closed Loop Marketing Uses Real Insights To Get Real Results

By now, you’re aware that inbound marketing is the best bet for expanding your company’s reach. Social media, email, websites — they all provide marketers and business owners with efficient, effective tools for promoting their brands. But is it enough to simply have an online presence without a proven and intentional strategy for success? No. Without…more

Your Brand Identity Isn’t A Marketing Tool; It’s A Promise

Social media engagement, premium content, and blogging are all important aspects of the modern marketing plan. But, if you’ve jumped into creating a Facebook page or posting blogs twice weekly without carefully considering your brand identity, you’re not getting the mileage you could be out of those efforts. In fact, you may even be confusing…more

Your Social Media Content Strategy Stinks — But It Doesn’t Have To

So you’ve got a Twitter account, a LinkedIn blog, and a Facebook page that you update every so often. Before you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, consider this: Most social media content strategies fail. If there’s no rhyme or reason to your daily Twitter and Facebook posts, you’re likely losing…more

It’s Not Just SEO: Reap These 3 Benefits of Blogging

Blogs are so ubiquitous these days that they’ve come to seem like an indispensable part of any online business presence. While well-run blogs are obviously valuable assets, it’s easy to lose track of the reasons why. Understanding the potential benefits of blogging will help you get the most out of this imperative marketing tool. Reach…more

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