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Good Product, Little Success? Develop the Right Packaging Design to Boost Your Sales

Sure, you have a great product and once customers try it they’ll be hooked. But first they need to feel enticed to buy it, and that’s where the right packaging design for your product can make all the difference. Here are some key things to keep in mind when packaging design: Function Of course, the main purpose…more

Why Every Marketer Should Believe That 2015 is the Year for Marketing Automation

It’s that time. When fireworks and parties around the globe ringing in 2015 sparked countless well-intended New Year’s Resolutions. May we suggest one for your business? This year, it’s time to invest in marketing automation. Doing so can significantly improve your business in a variety of ways. What is marketing automation? First, let’s start with a…more

3 Dire Mistakes in Your Email Marketing Strategy

When most people wonder why their marketing emails aren’t being read, they immediately think of the common mistakes such as… Not including the recipient’s name Using business jargon Forgetting to spell check And the list goes on. But, when it comes to creating the best possible email marketing strategy, you also need to avoid the not-quite-so-obvious mistakes.…more

Facebook Advertising Tips to Target the Right Audience (Even Better Than Before)

If you’re a marketer posting updates directly from the site, you may have already noticed these new Facebook advertising tips. The social media network has significantly enhanced its publishing options. The new options are definitely worth a look, and could push digital marketers away from external publishing tools. More specifically, the network is making three new options available for marketers. The New…more

Copywriting Tips That Every Inbound Marketer Should Know

Copywriting is a bit intimidating. Somehow, this compound word that pairs copy with writing suddenly becomes Greek to those who don’t “speak” it. Honestly, though, copywriting is pretty simple stuff. When you forget about magic formulas and insider secrets, copywriting is just what happens when you write content meant to advertise, market or sell. When your writing stops being…more

The Necessary (But Easily Forgotten) 3 Step Blogging Model for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Having a strong blogging campaign will play a major role in your content marketing strategy. You see, the essence of inbound marketing is attracting your target market to your business, rather than you having to chase prospects. Blogging positions your business to create quality, targeted traffic, generate responsive leads while positioning you as an expert in your…more

4 Surefire Ways to Create the Perfect Product Package Design

Creating an appealing product package design tailored to your product is just as vital to your overall success as the product itself. It is crucial to use package design as the medium for catching a potential customers eye, giving them cause to be curious, and quickly conveying your brand’s message. Going into the process of designing or redesigning a…more