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Why I Love Writing for “Boring” Industries

I love “boring” industries. I really do. And it’s not that I have a secret affinity for well-drilling or semiconductors. I don’t. As a copywriter, I love the challenge of finding the story—even the poetry—in the mundane, the utilitarian, and the “strictly” professional. I really love giving clients more than they ever expected, too. I’m…more

SEO for Business: Mistakes You’re Making At This Very Moment

It’s not me, it’s you. Well, it might be you. There’s a chance you’re doing everything perfectly when it comes to SEO for your business website/blog, but it’s more likely that you could use some, shall we say, tweaking. A bowtie straightened. A stray curl smoothed back. Some phrases added. A submission here and there.…more

Write Content for People (But Also Do A Little SEO Content Writing)

Search engine optimization (SEO) has existed for almost as long as search engines themselves. From the mid 90s on, marketers and webmasters alike began writing their websites in such a way as to maximize the amount of inbound web traffic they received. Relevancy and keyword density took precedence over more standard features of advertising copy. Since then, SEO…more

Online Is The New Brick And Mortar: Be A Pro At eCommerce Website Development

Companies began selling their products on the web almost as soon as it became publicly available. Since then, eCommerce has only grown in terms of revenue and importance to a company’s bottom line. From behemoths like Amazon down to the local bike shop, almost every some method for selling their products and services online. In…more

Strut Your Stuff: Developing Collateral for Your Business

Remember when we talked about your unique selling proposition? Unless you can pinpoint what makes your business unique in a world of homogeneous competitors, you cannot target your sales efforts successfully. You cannot develop effective marketing collateral, either. And that’s what we’re talking about today: developing collateral that serves you well. Collateral is anything that…more

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think Custom Web Design Is About You

“Custom.” It’s so hot right now. Really, though. Whether you’re talking custom Nikes or custom web design, there’s this idea that customization directly correlates with value. And sometimes it does. If you’re seeking a web presence for your brand that’s uniquely your own, here’s our number one caveat: Don’t shoot for “different” just for the…more

Brand Attributes That Will Actually Mean Something

Branding is the cornerstone of any business’ marketing efforts; after all, a company’s brand is ultimately what a customer will remember and refer to when they consider making a purchase. Your company’s brand is comprised of many different factors, all of which have strong implications for the overall success of your marketing and outreach strategy.…more

Your Dream Relationship: Lead Nurturing at It’s Best

Some of the most valuable prospective customers for your business come in the form of qualified sales leads. Once you’ve established a segment of prospects that you know are willing, able, and interested in purchasing your products, you can truly begin to market what makes your company unique and valuable. However, sometimes even the most…more

The 4 Can’t-Live-Withouts of Social Media Services

We know. You get it. B2B or B2C, if your business doesn’t have an active, engaging, and relevant social media presence, you’ve probably heard by now that it should. And maybe you’re trying. But if you’re here, you’re probably also fumbling—or know that you could do better. For many businesses that have that moment of enlightenment,…more