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Online Lead Generation: 4 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong

Inbound marketing is here to stay, and with it comes a change in the way marketers need to approach online lead generation. Consumers no longer want to be sold; they want to be engaged and educated. Long gone are the days of paid email lists, begging for contact information, and bombarding potential customers with ad…more

Your Business-Level Strategy Needs to Include Your Marketing Team—Here’s Why.

We have entered a new period of business dominated by ‘attention scarcity’. Buyers have limited attention spans as a result of an abundance of information at their fingertips. Whereas companies used to be able to use a single medium–say, magazines or radio or TV–to disseminate their message to a wide swath of consumers, now they…more

SEO for Small Businesses Is Not A Lost Cause

Today, the Internet is one of the main communication and marketing channels. Now that large international brands are taking advantage of this new media, how can your small business expect to compete? It may seem daunting to try to rank on search engines against these large players, but there is no need to fear. You can…more

Getting Serious About Your Social Media Content Strategy

So you’ve got a Twitter account, a LinkedIn blog, and a Facebook page that you update every so often. Before you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, consider this: Most social media content strategies fail. If there’s no rhyme or reason to your daily Twitter and Facebook posts, you’re likely losing…more

6 Ways Marketing Automation Does Your Work For You

Contrary to popular belief, “marketing automation” isn’t just a souped-up automatic email marketing program. Rather, it’s a way for companies to nurture leads by carefully cultivating relationships with them, engaging prospects one-on-one and slowly moving them through the sales funnel until they become customers. Marketing automation, as it applies to inbound marketing, uses targeted emails (along…more

Are You Keeping Tabs on Your Company’s Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is a compilation of the online “traces” that people and companies leave of themselves. Some footprint elements are deliberate – photos uploaded to social media, posted content, publicly listed email addresses, and information of that sort. Other parts of a footprint are incidental – a comment on an Amazon purchase, a mention…more

Create a Value Proposition to Shoot Your Brand to the Top

Your value proposition is the service you provide that makes you attractive to others. It’s the  promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. It also describes your target customer and what you will offer to them that other businesses similar to yours cannot. Value Proposition +…more

Segmenting Leads: Your Fastest Way to Gain ROI

Let’s talk about segmenting your leads, which is really just schmancy-speak for grouping your customers and clients by their shared properties:  characteristics, needs, or interests.  The main reason you should be segmenting your leads is so that you can create more personal, timely, effective messages. It’s also effective in closing sales with those leads and generating…more

5 Email Marketing Engagement Tips You Need to Use Right Now

Email has been around for a long time, and yet email marketing shows no sign of aging. In fact, it’s Benjamin Button-ing its way through the world wide web, somehow becoming more effective, more dynamic, and stronger with time. With personalization options and the ability to segment leads like never before, it’s quite a time…more

Payoff in Patience: Unconventional Marketing Worth the Wait

Though our “Beer Friday” conversations may suggest otherwise, we’re pretty traditional over here—and yet we’re always challenging ourselves to push beyond the constraints of conventional marketing. Our most recent endeavor into more unconventional marketing territory was our campaign for long-time client Night Hawk Frozen Foods. Starting with a rebrand of their packaging and website in 2013,…more