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No, Really: You Need an Inbound Marketing Firm

Inbound marketing is a tried-and-true method of promoting a business. As we see it, the most effective Internet marketing is comprised of predominately inbound-focused strategies. After all, the use of AdBlock is on the rise, and many companies are beginning to have doubts about the overall efficacy of traditional media. In 2016, the best way…more

Don’t Stop Wooing Your Sales Qualified Leads

Your prospect’s behavior and expectations can be evaluated (by you) and sorted into one of two camps: either a sales qualified lead or a marketing qualified lead. Marketing v. Sales Qualified Leads A Marketing Qualified Lead is a prospect who is more deeply engaged, sales-ready than your usual leads, but has not yet become a…more

Lousy Responsive Design? You’re Losing Readers.

Responsive Design Basics Responsive design is a fairly recent trend, but the general concept has existed since the dawn of mobile phones. Simply put, companies realized very early on that their customers and website visitors needed a unique form of their corporate website when accessing it from a mobile device. As mobile data usage increased…more

Bulk Up Your Web Presence: 7 Site-Strengthening Tips

A company’s web presence is perhaps the single most important asset when it comes to marketing. As a society, we are spending more and more time online than ever before; accordingly, the web is where we go to learn more about a company that we may end up doing business with, whether we’re looking for…more

Your Social Media Content Strategy Isn’t All Fluff

The role of social media in marketing cannot be understated in any sense. In just over a decade, websites like Facebook and Twitter have gone from Silicon Valley startups to multi-billion dollar giants, and with such growth came a near-dominance of internet advertising. Social media ad buys annually figure in the multiple billions of dollars…more

Your Email Marketing Strategy is Your (Not So) Secret Weapon

Email marketing is extremely effective for increasing ROI. That might seem counterintuitive as you think of the hundreds of emails sitting in your inbox, but it shows no sign of stopping. In fact, email marketing remains one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to engage your customers. With it’s unparalleled ability to deliver targeted content directly…more

Product Positioning Strategy: You’re Doing it Wrong

The trickiest part of starting a business is identifying the products and services you would like to sell; the second trickiest is finding out exactly how to sell whatever you’ve chosen. No one would argue against the idea that marketing is one of the most complicated aspects of running a business; it is, after all,…more

The Value of Blogging for Your Company

Before Facebook, before Twitter – before Google, even – the Internet connected people through blogs. Although the term “blog” didn’t arrive until 1997, countless individuals and companies shared their thoughts and news with the world through the use of various online posting systems, such as Usenet or BBS. Today, there are millions of blogs covering…more

Establishing Brand Identity Guidelines is Critical to Your Success

The brand of your organization is one of the most critical aspects of marketing your product or service. Brands serve as a kind of “mental bookmark” for your customers that allow them to understand who you are and what your company is about; more importantly, branding helps your customers remember your company. Some of the…more

A Brand Positioning Statement That Will Make an Impression

There’s a good chance that your brand positioning statement–if you have one penned already–is somewhat weak, average, or unmemorable. Maybe a combination of all three. Since it follows an easy, fill-in-the-blank boiler template that could also substitute as a Mad Libs exercise, many companies wind up with statements on the generic, safe side. It probably looks…more