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Copywriting Tips That Every Inbound Marketer Should Know

Copywriting is a bit intimidating. Somehow, this compound word that pairs copy with writing suddenly becomes Greek to those who don’t “speak” it. Honestly, though, copywriting is pretty simple stuff. When you forget about magic formulas and insider secrets, copywriting is just what happens when you write content meant to advertise, market or sell. When your writing stops being…more

The Necessary (But Easily Forgotten) 3 Step Blogging Model for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Having a strong blogging campaign will play a major role in your content marketing strategy. You see, the essence of inbound marketing is attracting your target market to your business, rather than you having to chase prospects. Blogging positions your business to create quality, targeted traffic, generate responsive leads while positioning you as an expert in your…more

4 Surefire Ways to Create the Perfect Product Package Design

Creating an appealing product package design tailored to your product is just as vital to your overall success as the product itself. It is crucial to use package design as the medium for catching a potential customers eye, giving them cause to be curious, and quickly conveying your brand’s message. Going into the process of designing or redesigning a…more

How to Create a Brochure Design That’s Actually Effective

If you’re planning to create a brochure to drum up sales or to announce a new product or service, you’re probably wondering what you can do to ensure a good response. To be considered an effective brochure design, your brochure needs to get attention, get the prospect interested enough to read further, raise their desire for the product…more

Don’t Fall Behind the Curve: Engage Your Audience Through Twitter Video Marketing

Remember when Twitter was a simple, text-based digital marketing tool that consisted of no more than 140 characters? If recent developments are any indication, the network as we know it may soon be a thing of the past. Instead, Twitter is becoming a more rich, media-based social media hub, which will have significant implications for social media and…more

4 Tips on Creating an Unstoppable Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Content marketing is among the most effective of inbound marketing strategies in generating demand for your business.  An effective content marketing strategy will take prospective customers from an increased awareness of your brand to improved conversion rates, more leads, and improved sales.  Content marketing works by giving customers valuable information they can use, and, in so doing,…more

The 3 Stages of Effective Social Media Marketing Packages

There’s more to social media marketing packages than simply hiring someone to craft a few tweets and update a Facebook status. Social media gives your business the opportunity to build a community online through original content, third party content, and engagement. A social media agency knows exactly what and when to post to bring your business social media…more