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Inbound Marketing Means MORE Than Content Marketing

The concept of marketing isn’t necessarily difficult to grasp: it is a broad term encompassing all of  ”the activities involved in making people aware of a company’s products,” including advertising, promotion, and public relations. That is, until we begin exploring the potential for sales on the Internet, where we are introduced to the many facets of…more

5 Content Marketing Myths

With social media firmly entrenched in the fabric of society, content marketing continues its growth as a major component of overall marketing strategies. It’s become the subject of global conferences with the participation of such major players as Microsoft, Cisco and Kraft Foods. The topic has even gained some Hollywood glitz as stars like Kevin Spacey appear as…more

Boosting ROI With Inbound Marketing

Boosting ROI With Inbound Marketing It’s no secret that inbound marketing is the latest internet marketing craze, and aside from understanding the basic principals of inbound, you must consider how important it is to quantify its usefulness and profitability for your firm. This is why knowing how and why your inbound marketing is effective is ultra…more

5 Steps to Direct Mail That Actually Works

5 Steps to Direct mail That Actually Works While some marketing firms and analysts believe that direct mail has become a relic of a bygone era, many still espouse a direct mail campaign as a marketing tool that is still incredibly effective, if done right.  The first goal of a direct mail campaign is for…more

5 Common Marketing Mistakes

5 Common Marketing Mistakes Like parenting there is no book that can tell you exactly how to run and market your unique business…though there are many authors who may beg to differ.  However there are some proven tactics, and several common mistakes. In this post, I’ll outline the five mistakes that we have seen time…more

What is a CTA?: Click to Find Out!

What is a CTA? CTA stands for “Call-to-Action.” While often taken for granted, CTAs are among some of the most important elements of an effective inbound marketing strategy. Typically a CTA is a button, image, or link that “calls” your website visitors to take an action. You likely skim past them all the time: “CLICK…more

What Is Public Relations, and Why Do You Need It?

At Envision Creative Group, we recently officially added “public relations” to our list of available services. While we have probably been doing a lot of work that would fall into the PR landscape unofficially since we first launched, it’s time we addressed an age-old question: What exactly does public relations mean… and why would your…more

5 Things You Should NEVER Say About Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is amazing. But less so when you fail to give the marketing methodology the amount of commitment that it deserves. All too often, traditional business owners, marketing managers, and CEOs will find themselves shooting down the idea of inbound marketing in fear of its strictly digital approach. If you might be one of those…more

Do You Have a Knockout Brand?

The battle for your customers’ attention is becoming more difficult by the day. Customers have short attention spans due to their preoccupation with work, family, and other interests. They are tired of blatant marketing messages and being sold to at every minute of the day. If you want your product or service to be noticed,…more