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Long-Tail Keywords: Your SEO Campaign’s Best Friend

Why long-tail keywords? The term “long-tail keywords” may conjure up images of lizard-like creatures scuttling around your computer, but in truth they’re incredibly effective for your SEO campaign. These are the specific phrases–three, maybe four words–that are used in searches. Think “make own pizza crust” versus just “pizza crust”. Or even “make gluten-free pizza crust”…more

How Inbound Marketing Provides Exponential Value for B2B Companies

B2B companies face a unique dilemma when it comes to their marketing efforts. Unlike marketing directly to consumers and customers, B2B organizations know that the awareness and discovery process of their potential clients may take weeks, or even months – and that’s to say nothing of the actual sales process. Due to this reality, many…more

Unsure Leadership? Get Them On Board with a Modern Marketing Strategy

You can see it now – your company just transformed their outdated, inefficient marketing “strategy” into a multi-layered, lead-generating powerhouse. There are new customers left and right, profitability is up, customers are becoming huge advocates – and the board looks at you and says, “Wow, (Insert your name here), I can’t thank you enough for…more

5 Crucial Steps of Any Brand Development Process Worth A Damn

Content marketing is at the heart of customer acquisition. It helps with your brand development and gets your brand in front of the targeted audience you need to notice you. It can include things like search engine optimization, email marketing, and video marketing, but they must all work together like a finely tuned machine. How do…more

Does Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Use These Four Critical Parts?

Great products sell themselves. So how can you get your product to sell itself?  By focusing less on marketing your product and more on helping your customers succeed. It seems crazy, right? But it works on account of one thing: action, action that helps your customers become successful. This is the essence of inbound marketing. Your…more

Ad Targeting 101: Back To The Need-To-Know Basics

In the world of marketing in 2016, we are privileged to live in a time where specific ad targeting is more accessible than ever. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google AdWords and the plethora of other networks, your potential customers are making it easier and easier to reach them with your company’s product and message –…more

Save Your Money: Weed Out Ineffective Social Media Marketing Packages

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable and effective methods of driving traffic and building your brand, but with so many companies out there claiming to be experts, how can you tell which social media marketing packages aren’t worth your money? There are four telltale signs that your social media marketing guru might…more

Forgettable Web Presence? You May Be Losing An Audience

Fifteen years ago, your website’s mere existence and aesthetics might have proved sufficient to differentiate your business from some competition. We live in a different world now – having a website simply lumps your business in with all of your competitors. Without a strategic plan in place, you can’t hope to stand out from the…more

Why Having A Copywriter On Your Marketing Team Is An Absolute Necessity

Everyone within your company has a role to play, and without any of them success would be much more difficult. However, one of the most important ones is often one of the most overlooked. This role is, of course, that of a dedicated copywriter. If your marketing team doesn’t have one yet, you’re missing out…more

5 Misconceptions About Qualified Leads You Need To Move Past

Inbound marketing qualifies leads so that you don’t have to – but many companies still have a number of misconceptions about what “good” leads are. Here are five of the most common misconceptions about qualified leads that you need to know: Qualified Leads Are Ready To Buy When They Visit Your Site Being qualified does not…more