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How to Identify 5 Epic Brand Attributes

Identify Great Brand Attributes How do you identify the brand attributes of your business? Many business owners spend significant resources fine-tuning their branding to build relationships with the target audience. After all that investment, planning, and brand strategy you’d expect a great reception, right? Here’s the sad truth; 54% of people don’t trust brands. Why…more

Beautiful Product Photography is a Necessity (Tell Us We’re Wrong)

We’re all visual learners. Have you ever wondered what exactly that means? Human beings tend to learn and remember knowledge better if it is based on images and video than if it is simply based on text. But exactly how visual are we? As it turns out, 90 percent of all information our brains process is visual. Our brains…more

Magazine Design Tips: Key Elements

                                Recently we discussed a number of concepts that will help you maximize readability, which helps foster reader engagement with your published content. Today we’re going to explain a number of subtle cues you can lace your magazine templates with…more

Magazine Design Tips: Typography

Today we’re going to expand on hints and tips to do with text that will help you make the most of your design efforts. In our previous piece we recommended that you keep text clean, but what does that really mean? Today, we hope to help you find some great ideas to give your magazine…more

Magazine Design: DOs and DON’Ts

From the stylish pages of fashion magazines like Vogue to the info-packed spreads found in Scientific American, there are a few unifying elements that make industry-leading magazine designs stand out from the rest of what’s found on the shelves. Magazine editing and publishing students spend scores of hours in dedicated magazine design courses – but truth be told,…more

Product Photographer Tips & Tricks

                                Product photographers are the unsung heroes of great websites. Well-designed pages are important and so is scintillating copy, but without photos that showcase your products brilliantly, you may’ve wasted a lot of resources. Today we’re going to look at…more

4 Keys to the Best Menu Design

One of the most important factors to driving restaurant sales is menu design. Unfortunately, this is the one area where restaurateurs pay the least amount of attention, thinking that food and atmosphere will be enough to drive sales. While this might be true in some restaurants, it certainly isn’t true in all and it definitely does not…more

10 Reasons Why You Are in Need of a Website Redesign

Sometimes website redesign is a necessity for success. There are enough ways to lose customers without contributing to the problem by making visitors to your website angry. And yet, we tend to see some of the same mistakes again and again – errors that cause businesses of all sizes to lose traffic, and revenue, that…more

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